Lionheart K9 Reviews


Read testimonials and reviews from the owners of Lionheart K9’s most challenging dogs!


Stephanie and “Romeo”, from Delaware

Hi there.  Tonight my daughter and I were talking about all the ways Romeo has changed and since it happened slowly, I hadn’t really thought about how far he has come until now and thought I’d give you an update.  It’s been a lot of hard work and exhausting at times, but I’ve stayed consistent with him and it has paid off.  Still a lot of things to improve upon, but I’m confident he’ll get there.

No more separation anxiety, he’s calm when we leave the house and he’s off the couch and counters and stays out of the garbage.  No more crotch diving and doesn’t bark in my face.  Sits when people come in the door.  It took a while but it has sunk in that he gets nothing until he does what is asked or expected.  Amen.

Still eating Verus and his weight has stayed down and his coat looks great.

I can’t thank you enough, you laid the foundation with him and taught me so much and it’s made me a better owner.  We both continue to learn and I figure as long as I don’t let up on him, he’ll continue to improve.  I can’t imagine where we’d be right now without the training and guidance you gave us.  He was a lot of dog for me to handle and the situation with him was going downhill fast.  He needed training, but I needed it as much as he did.

I would like to write a review and recommendation — are there specific sites where I can post?  Or just post on your website? Let me know.  Also if a potential client asks for references, please feel free to give them my contact info.  I’d be happy to share our experience.

Hope you and Peter are doing well.  Thanks again for everything!


Nancy and “Crash” of Carroll County Maryland


Today, on my morning walk with Crash, I thought of you as I often do during my training walks. He was in a perfect heel at my side. The leash was hanging below my left knee, and my thumb was through the loop. I called Crash front. He sat before me with a relaxed mouth and a wagging, happy tail. I asked him for finish and he leapt around my right side to his seat on my left. The form was lovely, but the attitude was what really struck me. A year ago, he was miserable and resistant every step of the way. This morning, he was eager to please and happy to work.

I’m also working with Tourmaline, Crash’s sister. She’s learning to heel and focus as well.

So often, people touch our lives, and they never know what effect they have. Our work with you started us on a road to consistent communication, to honest effort and evaluation, to raising expectations and leaving excuses behind, and to the satisfaction that comes from authentic progress. Crash will probably always have a long way to go, and I will always have a lot to learn. I hope we live a very long time together as I cherish my path across the planet with him.

Thank you for the time you spent with us. It made a difference. I hope you are enjoying life with your family and your young pup.

Dana and “Tobi” from southern Maryland

I am an extremely happy, well educated, well informed and much better off owner of a 150lb South African Boerboel AND a 6lb Pomeranian thanks to Linda Kaim and Lionheart K9. I have had a good friend in VA for over 20 years that trains canines utilizing ecollars and even though I did not fear the use of them, I was hesitant to try it on my own puppy. However, it has become a daily part of my life and the funny part is now I rarely even have to use it. Why is that? Well, I believe it is due strictly to the proper education of how/when to use it and using it correctly! I left my 4 month old Boerboel with Linda for 30 days because after much research I thought she would be the best option to train my pup giving him a family type and in home training plan. I was able to also get included with the training each week to not only see my Boerboel’s progress but get trained with him. He and my Pomeranian who also got involved with Linda and my Boerboel Tobi for training together are two of the happiest dogs I have ever owned. The Boerboel is actually much better behaved then the Pomeranian and that is thanks to Linda training Tobi and me with the ecollar. I feel secure taking a dog that could easily drag me across a field knowing that “if he wanted” to get mischivious and happened to get too excited to focus on my commands that the ecollar is there in place and does get his attention and without pain. I explain it to people it is simply like giving a good tug on his leash but quicker and better that I can being smaller than my dog. He is not afraid of the collar. He gets excited and happy when we get up in the morning and pull the collars and leashes out and sits eagerly but patiently for me to put his gear on. He loves it! He knows that he gets to hang out with me “off leash” and I have no fear of him taking off or not listening because he has been properly ecollar trained! I would and have recommended Linda and Lionheart K9 to anyone I speak to with a dog! Dana Noe-Sadler Owner of Notorious Tobias aka Tobi (and Teba Faith) of Notorious Boerboels


Doty and “Bear” from Baltimore Maryland

Linda is the best! We have been taking our St. Bernard to Linda for several years. She has taught me so much about how to train Bear so that he can be a wonderful member of our family. I was skeptical at first but have become a believer that e-collars are a positive addition to the many tools for training dogs.We continue to board Bear with Linda whenever possible and find that Bear loves being in the “country”. One of the most important gifts that Linda has given me is the knowledge that Bear’s behavior is dependent on how well (or not so well) I interact with him. Just as children need consistency, so do dogs. The better I am the better Bear is. Thanks Linda!


Gina and “Maggie” from Manchester Maryland

I am so happy with my experience with Linda at Lionheart K9. I was so nervous that I was going to have to give up my 5 year old pitbull/boxer mix, due to her separation anxiety and overall lack of obedience in all situations. Maggie(our pup) was anxious about other dogs and being left alone. Linda trained us and Maggie to work together and make sure that Maggie understood what we expected from her. I was so shocked the first time Maggie walked “off lead” next to me, that is every dog owners dream! I truly know that Linda cares for all the dogs that she trains because she seemed to take a special interest in every one. I would recommend Linda and Lionheart K9 to everyone who asks. I truly am amazed by Linda’s gift with dogs!


Bonnie and “Roxy” from Silver Spring Maryland

I think of you often when I am walking Roxy and telling her to heel and sit. She just turned three years old on Monday. Hard to believe. She has settled down and has become an awesome dog. Thought you would enjoy these pictures. When it’s not too hot she goes out in the service van with Joey (J and G Electric) and earns some “pet perks” . She has her name on the door and has become a “celebrity” on the J and G Electric website (check it out).


Take good care and hope to see you sometime soon, if not just for a visit to stop by and say hi.


Liz, “Scooter” and “Buddy” from Florida

Hope your holiday was wonderful, and you are wished a very prosperous and healthy, Happy New Year.  Will send you pics of the pups as soon as I find my camera software.  Its packed away somewhere.  Both Scoot and Buddy are doing fine.  I just tell Scoot “No” when he gets in Buddies space (he puts his nose against Buddie’s neck), and he immediately moves away.  I am giving them a bit more time each morning.

Buddy is very obedient, comes when he is called, sits when he is told, it’s great!  Scoot continues to be on his “mark” when it comes to commands he was taught, getting better about other dogs in his space when we are out walking!

Just wanted to say “thanks”  for the wonderful training you did with both dogs,  My household is much calmer, quieter and enjoying my dogs more than ever.

Thank you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Louis and “Diamond” from Tennessee

I have spent my life around dogs. Pet dogs, farm dogs, hunting dogs, military dogs & more. My life crossed paths with Linda’s over 3 years ago when no one else was able to help with my problem. Was she able to help & how do I view her personally/professionally today? Here’s the answer in a nutshell: It’s a 9+ hour ONE WAY drive for me to get to Westminster, MD & I can’t even imagine a canine-related situation (outside of veterinary care), in which I would do anything other than make the drive(s) necessary to have Linda take care of it regardless of breed or circumstances involved.

Nancy and “Murphy” from Pennsylvania

Linda at Lionheart came highly recommended by a friend–always the best kind of recommendation! She’s been a world of help with our two rescue Malinois. After we began training with her, we realized she had trained the dogs of another friend of ours. We would recommend Linda wholeheartedly and with no reservation!

Elizabeth and “Sam” from Cleveland, Ohio

Linda helped my family more than I could have ever expected. My dog Sam was a rescue with so many issues I can’t list them here. BUT the most concerning was her bolting out the front door every time it opened. She was getting out, into the street, and we had more than one vet visit because of it. She also was unable to listen to our commands at all outside. After Linda’s “boot camp” Sam was a whole new dog. NOT scared rather able to enjoy being outside off leash, no more bolting out the door, and just a much more well behaved dog. Everyone in the family, Sam included, is so much more content. Thanks Linda! You were a life saver (literally!).

Ruth and “Sadie” from Baltimore Maryland

Years ago, I had a young, very headstrong Boxer with an inclination to “bully” other dogs. I joined a group class with Linda, which included other dogs with similar issues. What a GREAT experience!!!! The classes felt casual & friendly, but the training was happening!!! The class had 6 dogs, including 2 Boxers, a Pit Bull mix, and a German Shepard. Linda’s training of the dogs (and the owners) was so incredible, we had them all off-leash, in close proximity to each other before the program was over, without incident. My Boxer had previously nipped at a dog while on a leash at PetSmart, and bit a Sheltie hard enough to draw blood. I would never have trusted my dog off leash around other dogs if it had not been for Linda’s training. I can never thank her enough!!!!!!!