Dog Training that WORKS

Dog Training-Maryland Dog Behavior Specialists-Dog and Puppy Training that Works, for Every Dog! Even Yours!

Do you feel like your household has literally “gone to the dogs”?

  • Does your dog spend more time in a crate or back yard than in your house, with you?
  • Is walking your dog a chore because of his bad manners?
  • Does your dog simply “tune you out” and not listen?
  • Is your dog a group class or daycare drop-out?
  • Have you been told your dog is “untrainable”?

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Lionheart K9 is very familiar with the demands of today’s educated dog owner and the specific requirements they have for their pets’ well-being. Quality of care is always our first priority, which is why your dog is kept in our home, so he or she can benefit from around-the-clock attention, as well as the companionship of other dogs and humans in an environment that a kennel simply cannot duplicate.

Your dog doesn’t live that way, why should he be trained that way?

Our dog training works quickly because your dog is immersed in the busy atmosphere of a home just like yours. We supply constant practice for all the things that a house dog should know. Doesn’t it make more sense to have your dog trained while living in a distraction-rich house just like yours?

  • Read about the many benefits we are able to offer in this unique setting
  • See demonstrations of what your dog can learn
  • Learn how we can help you accomplish your dog training goals quickly and effectively, guaranteed!

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We offer permanent dog training results to solve your dogs’ unruly, troublesome behaviors that are easy to do and will work each and every time. We understand how frustrating it can be to own a dog you love, but just don’t like all that much because he jumps on you or your guests, runs away or just won’t listen.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to walk your dog without him being overwhelmed by distractions? Wouldn’t you like to own the companion you always imagined having? You can have a dog that will respond to you, without having to compete for his attention!

We guarantee dog training that works, for every dog, every time!

A month ago we had a cute but out of control puppy. She was jumping on people, pulling on the leash, counter surfing, coming when called but *only* if she felt like it . . . It started to feel like it was going to be her or us and then we heard about Linda. After our dog spending two weeks with Linda and our subsequently following up based on Linda’s directions, we have an amazing dog! From Gwen and “Lissy”