Dog Day Care

Dog Day Care with a twist! With the benefit of a social, active environment and daily training, your dog goes home every night with you, having learned something new each day.

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Puppy Training

Without exception, almost all dog problems can be avoided entirely simply by taking the time with young puppies and giving them the right start to a lifetime of companionship without conflict.

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Dog Obedience Boot Camps

Enroll your dog in any one of our Dog Obedience School boot camps for a better pet in 21 days or less! If you are planning a vacation, have travel plans or are too busy to be a part of the training, we can help you reach your goals in less time than you think!

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Private Dog Training

Our private, one-on-one dog obedience training assures the complete focus is on you, throughout the training program. We provide training in public places with professional guidance to help you learn to relax and enjoy your dog instead of being afraid he may over-react and you won’t be able to control him!

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